Elsa Hedberg’s graduate collection is based on the lifespan of a piece of jewellery in relation to its time in contact with the human body, and inspired by cheap and ‘disposable’ accessories that occasionally become someone’s treasured favourite. By using stiffened chains decorated with crystallized sugar and salt, the pieces have been given bold and seductive, but temporary qualities that respond to habitual wear and human functions like sweating, craving and consuming. As the pieces inevitably become worn out, they start revealing other elements that add to a new, interesting look and feel. Just like with any cherished piece of jewellery, although shapes and colours might change, the value doesn’t decrease as time passes – what happens is a change from material value to sentimental. Love it while it lasts, then wear it worn out!

Materials: non-precious metal chains, silver chains, silver clasps and studs, aluminium tubing, polyester powder-coating, spray paint, salt coated silk, rock candy, royal icing.

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